Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Is Cancelled

This is a public announcement: you can no longer refer to Christmas or say 'Merry Christmas' lest you offend 1 person in a neighborhood, which numbers 100 people. You may no longer sing carols which mentions or refers to a Divine Being, as 1 person out of 1,000 may find it offensive.

You can no longer say 'Christmas Tree' lest you offend 1 person out of millions, nor can you preach God's Word in that 10 people out of millions will also feel offended!

You may have a Santa but any symbols representing Jesus and the Nativity are banned, lest you offend 1 person in a nation encompassing millions.

You may no longer sing Christmas Carols, lest any religious connotations be found. Therefore 'Silent Night' is banned as it contains offensive language such as these words 'holy'... 'Virgin'...Holy infant'...'Heavenly peace' etc.

But you can overspend on presents, you may also go into debt on your already over used credit cards. We are not against consumerism, in that it makes 1% of the world’s richest people even wealthier. Feel free to spend, spend, spend, with money you haven’t yet earned... don’t worry we wont let you forget.

We are here to help you forget the True meaning of Christmas and encourage you to spend big time on presents you don’t need, luxuries you cannot afford, food that will add more to your expanding waistline. Don’t worry about guilt that is an old archaic belief that died with your conscience!

We also encourage family feuds, where parents and adult siblings become enraged at each other. Please feel free to spoil your children rotten so they may grow up to become the adults parents deserve!

We depend on Christians to be apathetic, lazy and easy going, keep it up this works for us. Just go along with the minority, after all it's our voice that is the LOUDEST.

So please forget Christmas and embrace 'happy holidays' don't forget to spend, spend, spend and we will definitely make you pay, pay, pay. Perhaps in the New Year it may even lead to separations and divorces, we love this aspect.

Finally remember, NO mention of the 'Christmas' word, NO Christmas carols, NO nativity scenes, No Christmas trees, and most definitely NO baby Jesus!

Happy holidays to all

From Satan's little helpers.

Peace of Christ to ALL

Copyright © 2005 Marie Smith. All rights reserved.


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