Thursday, September 28, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/28/2006

Canberra Calvary courts controversy over hospital purchase
The Little Company of Mary's Calvary Hospital take over is facing controversy over its plans to stop IVF procedures at the hospital. Read further by clicking here.

Benedict stands firm despite calls to "retract or redress"
Representatives of Islamic states in New York have called upon the Pope to either retract or make redress for his controversial Regenburg remarks. Read further by clicking here.

Moscow Patriarchate says Muslim reations are Political
The Russian Orthodox Church has come to the defence of Pope Benedict XVI. Believing that his remarks have not been correctly interpreted. Read further by clicking here.

Catholic Church in Spain satisfied with new government

MADRID, Spain The Catholic Church in Spain said Thursday it was satisfied with a new finance deal that cuts it loose from direct government payments. Read further by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/27/2006

Al Qaida to comment on Pope?
An Islamic web site is promising a message from a top leader of Al Qaida. Read further by clicking here.

Chinese bishop released from prison
Bishop Julius Jia Zhiguo of China's Zhengding diocese has been freed after more than 10 months in prison. Read further by clicking here.

Women of little faith spell trouble: Pell
Sydney Cardinal George Pell will today warn educators about the lack of faith in young women of today. Read further by clicking here.

Reports of torture before execution of Indonesian Catholics
Lawyers and family members claims that the bodies of the men have bruises, broken bones. Read further by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/26/2006

More Catholic church attacks across Asia
Muslim fundamentalists have attacked a Catholic church in West Java while an Iraqi Chaldean church was hit by rockets. Read further by clicking here.

Married Archbishop excommunicated
The Vatican has declared that controversial Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has incurred automatic excommunication. Read further by clicking here.

Euthanasia is assassination, Vatican official says
The president of the Pontifical Council for Health Care has weighed in to a debate on assisted suicide in Italy, saying that euthanasia is tantamount to assassination. Read further by clicking here.

Chasm growing between Catholics, Islam
The contentious remarks cited by Pope Benedict XVI about the linkage between Islam and violence were well prepared in advance and were directed at a European audience. Read further by clicking here.
*Point of Order*
The Pope is not nor ever has been 'anti-Israeli. The Holy Father's stance is to avoid war and collateral loss of life. Pope Benedict XVI has also had deep reservations about the war in Iraq, but that does not make him anti-American.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/25/2006

Benedict to meet Muslim ambassadors today
A number of Asian Muslim leaders have came out in support of the Pope on the eve of Ramadan. Read further by clicking here.

Sydney priests retirement fund crisis
The Sydney Archdiocese is launching a new annual public appeal to cater for the needs of retired priests. Read further by clicking here.

Josephite Nun call for nuns to unite on Indigenous action
Welcoming this year's Australian Bishops' Social Justice Statement, The Heart of Our Country, released for Social Justice Sunday yesterday, Sr Katrina Brill said the plight of Indigenous Australians is still the most pressing justice issue in Australia. Read further by clicking here.
It is also time for the indigenous people of Australia to be accountable for their own lifestyle choices. The social problems now being faced are mainly due to an inability to move on with the future and instead many remain fixated on the past. In every country around this vast world there are stories of brutality and injustices throughout the history of civilization. Should the Irish continue to hate the English for the great injustice dealt to them through the great famine? Should Native Americans continue to hate their fellow Americans for the brutality they faced centuries ago? When does it end? It ends through your own choice, one either moves on with hope for the future or remain embittered by the past.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Why Benedict XVI did not want to fall silent or backpedal

The masterful lecture that the pope-theologian delivered at the University of Regensburg really did send shivers throughout the world. Because what Benedict XVI said there is just what happened afterward. The pope explained the distance that runs between the Christian God, who is love, immolated in Jesus on the cross, but also "Logos," reason; and the God worshipped by Islam, so transcendent and sublime that he is not bound by anything, not even by that rational assertion according to which there must not be "any coercion in matters of faith." The Qur’an says this in the second sura, to which the pope conscientiously made reference, but it then makes other and opposite statements. And the violent eruption in the Muslim world against the pope and Christians confirms that this other tendency has the upper hand, giving form and substance to the way in which myriads of the faithful of Allah view the world of the infidels. The other side of pope Joseph Ratzinger’s lecture in Regensburg is the blood poured out in Muslim Mogadishu by sister Leonella Sgorbati, a woman veiled and yet free, a martyr whose last words were addressed to her killers: "I forgive you."
In reality, almost the entirety of Benedict XVI’s lecture in Regensburg was addressed to the Christian world, to the West and to Europe, which in his view are so sure of their naked reason – too sure – that they have lost the "fear of God." But here as well the pope’s words found their confirmation in the facts. Hand in hand with the swell of verbal and physical violence on the part of Muslims, on the other side, in theory his own side, the pope was the target of incessant volleys of friendly fire. Just as the sagacious companions of Job attributed the blame for his misfortunes to him, so also Benedict XVI was surrounded by a veritable whirlwind of advice and rebuke of the same sort.
It was the same way in the Vatican. Benedict XVI had the good fortune of installing a new secretary of state and a new foreign minister, both of them firmly in his trust, on the very day that the Muslim attack against him began, on Friday, September 15, right after he came back from his trip to Bavaria. But the grumbling of the curia members hostile toward him did not calm down at all – on the contrary. He got away with the appointment of the new foreign minister, archbishop Dominique Mamberti, from Corsica, who has worked as a nuncio in Sudan, Somalia, and Eritrea, and before that in Algeria, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, and thus has direct familiarity with the Arab and Muslim world, and is skilled in the art of diplomacy. But as for the nomination of cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as the new secretary of state – for this, no, they did not forgive him. The fact that Bertone is not a career diplomat, but a man of doctrine and a pastor of souls, is now being held even more against the pope as proof of his ineptitude on the world political scene. In Bavaria, with the assignment changes not yet having taken place, Benedict XVI was accompanied by the outgoing secretary of state, cardinal Angelo Sodano, who has spent his entire life in diplomacy. But the pope was careful to avoid having cardinal Sodano read in advance the lecture he was preparing to deliver in Regensburg. Whole sections of the text would have been censored, if its supreme criterion had been the Realpolitik upon which the Vatican diplomacy of Sodano and his colleagues is nourished.
For Benedict XVI, too, realism in relations between the Church and states is a value. It was so with the totalitarian systems of the twentieth century: with German Nazism as with Soviet Communism. The controversial silences of Pius XII with Nazism, ( Pope Pius XII: Misunderstood and Maligned) and later, with Communism, of John XXIII, of Vatican Council II, and of the Ostpolitik of Paul VI, had compelling reasons, and in the first place the defense of the victims of those systems themselves. But now, it is being demanded of Benedict XVI that he maintain a similar silence in regard to the new adversary of Islam: it is a silence that is often given the name of "dialogue." Has pope Ratzinger not respected this? Then this is the comeuppance he deserves from "offended" Islam: threats, demonstrations, burning in effigy, governments demanding retractions, the recall of ambassadors, churches burned, a religious sister killed. The pope is seen as bearing his part of the blame in all this. On the other hand, it’s "post mortem" beatification for his predecessor John Paul II, who prayed humbly in Assisi together Muslim mullahs, and when visiting the Umayyad mosque in Damascus listened in silence to the invectives his hosts hurled against the perfidious Jews. No fatwa was issued for the demolition of the Vatican walls, or for the slitting of Karol Wojtyla’s throat. It was a mere coincidence that Ali Agca, who shot him, was a Muslim – the assassination had been planned in Christian territory...
Benedict XVI does not deny the proper value of political realism. The secretariat of state has mobilized its network of nunciatures to provide for governments the complete text of the lecture in Regensburg, the official note of explanation released on September 16 by cardinal Bertone, and the explanations presented by the pope in person at the Angelus on Sunday the 17th. By the end of September, the ambassadors to Muslim-majority countries will be called to the Vatican for another effort to defuse the tensions. And the pontifical council for culture, headed by cardinal Paul Poupard, is preparing a meeting with Muslim religious representatives.
But realism isn’t everything for Benedict XVI. The dialogue with Islam that he wants to create is not made of fearful silences and ceremonial embraces. It is not made of mortifications which, in the Muslim camp, are interpreted as acts of submission. The citation he made in Regensburg, from the "Dialogues with a Mohammedan" written at the end of the fourteenth century by the Christian participant in the dialogue, the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologos, was deliberate choice. A war was on. Constantinople was under siege, and in a half century, in 1453, it would fall under the dominion of the Ottoman Empire. But the learned Christian emperor brought his Persian counterpart to the terrain of truth, reason, law, and violence, to what marks the real difference between the Christian faith and Islam, to the key questions upon which war or peace between the two civilizations depends.
Pope Ratzinger sees modern times, too, as being fraught with war, and with holy war. But he asks Islam to place a limit of its own on "jihad." He proposes to the Muslims that they separate violence from faith, as prescribed by the Qur’an itself, and that they again connect faith with reason, because "acting against reason is in contradiction with the nature of God."
In Regensburg, the pope exalted the greatness of the Greek philosophy of Aristotle and Plato. He demonstrated that this is an integral part of biblical and Christian faith in the God who is "Logos." And he also did this deliberately. When Paleologos held his dialogue with his Persian counterpart, Islamic culture had just emerged from its happiest period, when Greek philosophy had been grafted onto the trunk of Qur’anic faith. In asking Islam today to rekindle the light of Aristotelian reason, Benedict XVI is not asking for the impossible. Islam has had its Averroes, the great Arab commentator on Aristotle who was treasured by such a giant of Catholic theology as was Thomas Aquinas. A return, today, to the synthesis between faith and reason is the only way for Islamic interpretation of the Qur’an to free itself from its fundamentalist paralysis and from obsession with "jihad." And it is the only ground for authentic dialogue between the Muslim world and the Christianity of the West.
At the Angelus on Sunday, September 17, which was broadcast live even by the Arab television network Al-Jazeera, Benedict XVI expressed his "regret" at how his lecture had been misunderstood. He said that he did not agree with the passage he cited from Manuel II Paleologos, according to whom in the "new things" brought by Mohammed "you will find only evil and inhuman things, like the order to spread the faith by means of the sword." But he did not apologize at all; he didn’t retract a single line. The lecture in Regensburg was not an academic exercise for him. He did not put aside his papal vestments there in order to speak only the sophisticated language of the theologian, to an audience made up only of specialists. The pope and the theologian in him are all of a piece, and for everyone. Cardinal Camillo Ruini, who has grasped the essence of this pontificate better than other Church leaders have done, said on Monday, September 18 to the directive body of the Italian bishops that "the fundamental coordinates" of the message Benedict XVI is proposing to the Church and the world are found in these three texts: the encyclical "Deus Caritas Est"; the address to the Roman curia on December 22, 2005, on the interpretation of Vatican Council II; and, last but not least, the "splendid" lecture in Regensburg.
Benedict XVI is hopeful. He would not have been so daring if he did not believe in the real possibility that an interpretation of the Qur’an that marries faith with reason and freedom can be reopened within Islamic thought. But the voices in the Muslim world that are accepting his offer of dialogue are too weak and too few, and almost not to be found. And the pope is too much alone in a wayward Europe that really does resemble somewhat the Eurabia described by Oriana Fallaci, a "Christian atheist" whom he has read, met with, and admired. And then there is the violence that hangs over Christians in Islamic countries, and also outside of them – when, to silence the pope, members of his flock are killed, and all the better if they are innocent, like a religious sister, a woman.

by Sandro Magister

Catholic News & Current Events-9/22/2006

Indonesian Catholics executed this morning
After their last request for the sacrament of reconciliation was refused, three Catholics who had been convicted of anti-Muslim violence were executed. Read further by clicking here.
So many nations world wide gave billions in donations to these people after the terrible tsunami which struck that country. Did it worry them that much of this money was from 'catholics' and 'jews' or other 'christian denominations'? Of course not, they grabbed our billions and then MURDER innocent catholics simply because they were Catholics. Something stinks in Indonesia, I suggest we leave them to themselves and see how they cope then!

Filipino bishops seek solidarity from Australian Church
While mining in the Philippines has gained in value, a statement by Bishop Ramon Villena of Bayombong diocese entitled "The threat to Indigenous rights and environment by mining" says that "the environmental degradation it has caused has also increased". Read further by clicking here.
Social Justice Sunday
The fourth Sunday of September is designated by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference as Social Justice Sunday. Read further by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/20/2006

Extra security measures for papal audience
Security has been tightened at the Vatican. Read further by clicking here.

Condemned Indonesian Catholics ask for public execution
Three Indonesian Catholics condemned to death want to be executed in public. Read further by clicking here.

Sorry Benedict reiterates "deep respect" for Islam
Vatican diplomats are scrambling to organise a possible interfaith summit. Read further by clicking here.

Bendigo Bishop backs English test for migrants
Bishop Joe Grech said he has no problems with Prime Minister John Howard's new proposal for immigrants. Prime Minister John Howard frequently single out Muslims for criticism, saying last month that they must subscribe to Australian values. Read further by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/19/2006

Indonesian Christians now face execution
Indonesian authorities have set a new date for the execution of three Catholic men. Read further by clicking here.

Pope saddened by Islamic protests
Pope Benedict XVI has expressed his sorrow over the misinterpretaion of his speech. Read further by clicking here.

British archbishop backs Pope's speech
Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Birmingham, England, has praised Pope Benedict's speech. Read further by clicking here.

Pope encourages adult stem-cell therapy
The Pope is fully behind adult stem cell research. Read further by clicking here.

Iranian Leader Urges More Papal Protests
Iran's supreme leader called for more protests over the pontiff's remarks on Islam. Read further by clicking here.

World leaders bid to hose down flames of Benedict controversy
As the Holy See seeks to soothe tensions with a stepped up diplomatic effort, Australian and world political and religious leaders have called for calm. Read further by clicking here.
Cardinal Pell Criticizes Islamic Violence
Cardinal George Pell has hit out at Muslims protesting over comments by the Pope. Read further by clicking here.

Hollywood renews faith in films
Rupert Murdoch's Fox film division is announcing plans to make up to a dozen major films a year under the FoxFaith banner. Read further by clicking here.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/17/2006

Churches Under Attack In West Bank

Two Christian Churches were hit by firebombs. Read further by clicking here.


Egypt's Coptic Church rejects Pope's Islam remarks
Egypt's Coptic Church has rejected Pope Benedict XVI's remarks implicitly linking Islam and violence. Read further by clicking here.


Benedict "deeply sorry" for Muslim outrage but violence continues
Pope Benedict told pilgrims yesterday that he is "deeply sorry" for the reaction to his quoted remarks. Read further by clicking here.


Pope's appeal for dialogue backfires

Pope Benedict XVI major mistake was to believe that an open dialouge can happen between Islam and Christianity. Read further by clicking here.

RIP Leonella Sgorbati

Fellow Italian nuns of slain Catholic sister Leonella Sgorbati line up to board the plane carrying her body as all the nuns working at the SOS hospital were evacuated from Mogadishu September 17, 2006.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Islam and Pope Benedict XVI -The Real Story

I have placed these two sites here because they both bring clarity to Pope Benedict XVI comments in his speech and his obvious intent which has been lost amidst the hysteria of many Muslims who have now begun burning down Churches. The first piece is by Asia News which explains in length what the Holy Father was trying to convey. Please click here.

The other site is the Popes speech in full please click here.

Some elements of the Western media with a liberal bias have caused great damage with their malicious reporting on the Popes comments, which they took out of context.

I am deeply disturbed to see many Muslims ranting hatred and death to the Pope and the West and then in the next breath these same Muslims will then say that they are a religion of 'peace'. How can this be so when with their every word and every action the opposite is occuring?

There have been many occasions when the Catholic Church has also undergone times of controversy and attack yet there have been NO reports that Catholics have begun burning down houses of worship nor have any deaths occured to any one person. Can Islam say the same?

Once again we also see the total SILENCE of the Islamic Clerics and Mullahs when it comes to cautioning the radicals within Islam itself. If anything the opposite is occuring here is a quote from Sheikh Hassan Malin, "We urge you Muslims wherever you are to hunt down the Pope for his barbaric statements as you have pursued Salman Rushdie, the enemy of Allah who offended our religion....Whoever offends our Prophet Mohammed should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim." Is that a 'peaceful' statement?

The Islamic extremists continually bring forth historic instances where the Catholic Church behaved less than admiral the difference is that the Catholic Church has learnt from its past errors and has grown in maturity and enlightenment. Whereas Islam has never progressed from the sword and its barbaric attitudes towards all those who have a different philosophy when it comes to matters of faith. They even murder their own who feel called to leave the religion of Islam. We need only remember the outcry concerning Abdul Rahman fortunately the West intervened and so Mr Rahman was spared the sword.

Not all European countries have remained coward by the fear of Islamic extremists here the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended the Popes speech with these words, "Whoever criticizes the Pope misunderstood the aim of his speech. It was an invitation to dialogue between religions and the Pope [expressly] spoke in favor of this dialogue, which is something I also support and consider urgent and necessary...What Benedict XVI emphasized was a decisive and uncompromising renunciation of all forms of violence in the name of religion."

I hope that Pope Benedict XVI will NOT apologise for simply speaking the truth, for only in Islam has the truth become a intolerable.

Let us remember one of the late Pope John Paul II favourite words from Scripture, 'Be not afraid'.

Catholic News & Current Events-9/16/2006

Islamic protests against Pope's speech

Pope Benedict XVI has sparked a major controversy throughout Islamic Nations who have condemned his speech. Read further by clicking here.

One has to wonder how such Nations can call themselves a 'peaceful' religion as their faces contort with the rabidness of their hatred towards anyone who dares to question their so called religion of peace which is Islam. The Catholic Church does not murder anyone who leaves the fold, nor do they promote hateful language can Islam say the same thing? If a Muslim wishes to convert to Christianity what becomes of that person? They are murdered, therefore is Islam a religion of peace? I think NOT!

The Pope’s speech: lending Islam a helping hand
This is another perspective of what the Pope was truly trying to convey in his speech which has outraged many Muslims. Read further by clicking here.


Chile court halts sales of morning-after pill to minors
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Chile has put a hold on the distribution of the morning after pill. Read further by clicking here.


Pope ends memorable return to Bavaria
Pope Benedict XVI has ended his visit to his native country with an emotional farewell. Read further by clicking here.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-09/12-13/2006

"As summer simmers down, the Da Vinci Code-fever is also mercifully breaking. I only wish that the curiosity that drove 40 million people to read Brown's thriller would drive millions more to take up a more noble quest—a quest for veritas, or truth. "

Read more of Charles Colsen's thought provoking commentary on "Breakpoint" regarding the state of higher education and Christianity at todays universities by clicking here.

The rising suicide rates in India are causing alarm in the Catholic Church.

Read more about this alarming trend by clicking here.

"First, Benedict focused his visit on reviving Christianity in his native country, which is split equally between Catholics and Protestants. Second, he addressed the status of Muslim residents in Europe."

Read more by clicking here.

"Pop star Madonna will sing suspended from a cross in the finale of her Moscow concert on Tuesday despite a plea from the Russian Orthodox Church to drop that part of her act."

Let's face it, diplomacy and culture are not some of this woman's better qualities.

Read more by clicking here.

The Catholic University of America has hired three new professors who are leaders in their field at The School of Theology and Religious Studies. It appears they have hirde some very good theologians for the university.

Read more by clicking here.

"Saints Columba-Brigid Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo, New York rise from the ashes after burning two years ago."

Read more about this great news for this parish by clicking here.

"Every individual must perform his role in life regardless of how big or small, according to Cebu Archbishop Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal who is the most senior official of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines."

Read more of Cardinal Vidal's talk by clicking here.

"Pope Benedict XVI called today for harmony in the diverse and sometimes fractious Roman Catholic Church, comparing it to a church organ in need of tuning."

With each talk he gives, Pope Benedict XVI makes me more and more happy that he is our pontiff. Read more of what he had to say by clicking here.

"A solemn Pope Benedict XVI knelt in prayer at the graves of his mother, father and sister in the emotional highpoint of his six-day visit to his native Bavaria in southern Germany."

Read more about Pope Benedict's German trip by clicking here.

"Speaking to academics at the University of Regensburg, where he taught theology in the 1970s, the pope traversed centuries of Islamic, Greek and Christian philosophy to decry holy wars and forced conversions, and to hold up Christianity as the "profound encounter of faith and reason".

One thing we know, and that is, the time for being "poltically correct" is well past. I am sure that there will be outcries by the Muslims regarding the Holy Father's statement. I am just waiting for Muslim outcries against violence in the name of Islam without their inserting any excuses for behavior they claim to be condemning. I won't hold my breath waiting however.

Read more about the Holy Father's statement by clicking here.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/8/2006

Chilean church criticizes guidelines authorizing free contraceptives

Chilean Church leaders have criticized the government for distributing free contraceptives including the controversial morning after pill. Read further by clicking here.


Pope aims to revive German Catholicism

On his tour in his home country Pope Benedict XVI hope it will re-ignite the flame of faith. Read further by clicking here.


Pope Benedict tells Ontario bishops to spread Gospel of love in face of moral problems

The Pope is strongly encouraging many Canadian Bishops to speak out against the prevailing moral dillemma confronting the Catholic Church in Canada. Read further by clicking here.


Maronite bishops criticize Hezbollah, sectarian politics

Lebanon's Maronite Catholic Bishops have criticized the terrorists organization Hezbollah for its sectarian violence. Read further by clicking here.


Catholic Charities argues for exemption from contraceptive coverage

Catholic Charities of Albany have issued a lawsuit against the State in an effort to maintain their moral obligations to the Teachings of the Catholic Church. Read further by clicking here.


Curriculum for new school year in Spain "catastrophic" for the family, say Catholic parents

Many parents are objecting to the relativism that is being placed in the school curriculum and are insisting that teaching on morals should be the parents right and not the school. Read further by clicking here.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/7/2006

Kenya: Church Seeks Nod On Otunga's Sainthood
Archbishop Ndingi Mwana A' Nzeki is seeking advice in the investigation of the canonisation of Cardinal Maurice Otunga. Read further by clicking here.

U.S. Catholic bishops urge Senate support of landmine ban legislation
Many U.S Bishops are encouraging the government to ban landmines and for catholics to stand behind them in this decision. Read further by clicking here.

A Filipino Priest threatens to take Aussie mine to court
After a cyanide spill Father Ino Bugauisan is insisting that an Australian based mine company should not be allowed to re-open. Read further by clicking here.

New breakthrough with adult stem cells
Italian researchers have made a breakthrough by using adult stem cells to treat some diseases. Read further by clicking here.

Pope’s "courier" speaks of his friendship with Benedict XVI
Thaddäus Kühnel a friend to Pope Benedict XVI reveals some private insights into the life of the Pope. Read further by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/6/2006

Catholic Church has great faith in U.N
The Vatican has great faith in the work done by the United Nations, Cardinal Bertone has stated. Read further by clicking here.

No shift in Church's position on evolution, Jesuit says
Speculation has arisen that Pope Benedict XVI may change the Church's position on evolution, Fr. Fessio denies this. Read further by clicking here.

New campaign launched to evangelize the Catholic faith
London, a campaign has been launched to encourage Catholics to be more vocal about living and explaining their faith. Read further by clicking here.

"Secularist mentality" of government a risk to democracy, warns Spanish archbishop
Archbishop Fernando Sebastian of Pamplona has criticized the Spanish Goverment over its secular agenda. Read further by clicking here.

New Church commission to study Medjugorje
Church leaders in the Bosnia-Herzegovina region are preparing a commission to study the alleged apparitions of our Lady. Read further by clicking here.

Vancouver archbishop protests gay curriculum
Archbishop Raymond Roussin of Vancouver has criticized attempts to educate children about homosexuality by involving a homosexual couple in the education process. Read further by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/5/2006

Nuclear weapons a grave threat, Vatican says in support of Scottish bishops

The Bishops Conference of Scotland has entreated the British government not to replace the Trident system. Read further by clicking here.


Madonna show abuses religious symbols, says cardinal Vlk
Cardinal Vlk has criticized Madonna's blasphemous stage antics as she prepares to perform in the Czech Republic. Read further by clicking here.


EU to continue stem cell research
The European Union has agreed to continue embryonic stem cell research as opposed to America's stance. Read further by clicking here.


Cardinal claims Vatican priests spied on John Paul II
Cardinal Glemp has accused Church officials of spying on Pope John Paul II to the Communist Polish Government. Read further by clicking here.


Govt ministers to brief Christian counterparts
The Australian Prime Minister John Howard will discuss policy issues with various Church leaders ahead of next years elections. Read further by clicking here.

God and the Democrats
In a questionare the Australian Democrats are beginning a campaign to remove God from the political scene in Australian politics. The Democrats also uphold abortion rights. Read further by clicking here.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/4/2006

CES opposes quotas for 'non-faith school places' in religious schools
The British Government is insisting that there be 'no faith places' within Catholic schools in order to be inclusive. Read further by clicking here.

Zimbabwe: Churches seek way out of deepening national crisis

Church leaders have gathered to discuss plans to help the suffering people of Zimbabwe. Read further by clicking here.

Syro-Malabar Synod plans office in Rome to foster interchange with Vatican

The Syro-Malabar will open an office in Rome in order to improve communication with the Vatican. Read further by clicking here.

Demonstrators call for execution of Indonesian Catholics
A crowd of 4,000 people rallied in Poso Sulawesi Indonesia demanding that the government execute the imprisoned Christians. Read further by clicking here.

Church destroyed in Fujian, another to follow shortly

The athiestic government of China has destroyed a Church in the Yutouchang village, they are threatening to destroy even more Churches. Read further by clicking here.

Cardinal Bertone backs UN peacekeeping

The new Vatican Secretary hold high hopes for peacekeeping troups in the middle east. Read further by clicking here.

Paris honors John Paul II, despite protest

A plaza close to Notre Dame cathedral has been renamed in honor of Pope Paul II despite a gay activist protest. Read further by clicking here.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/3/2006

Catholic church moves on abuse

Leaders of the Catholic Church in South Australia have spear headed a move to prevent any more child abuse, it is being led by Archbishop Wilson. Read further by clicking here.


Catholic Brother speared in Port Moresby
Br Augustine Taiwa was murdered last week in Papua New Guinea. Read further by clicking here.


Critics silenced by deaf priest's new mission
Fr Thomas Coughlin is about to fulfill his lifelong dream of founding a religious community for the deaf. Read further by clicking here.


Be touched and transformed by Jesus' Holy Face: Benedict
Pope Benedict XVI has spoken about the transforming image of Christ as seen within the holy relic which is alleged to be Veronica's veil. Read further by clicking here.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/2/2006

Labor Day message urges Catholics to consider immigration debate
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn suggets that people look more deeply into the Labor Day message in a Christian light. Read further by clicking here.

"Mission Possible" on Italian highways
A group of Italians from the group Sentinels of the Morning are encouraging motorists to attend the Sacraments in rest area's. Read further by clicking here.

Federal attorney admits Health Minister lied about abortion statistics in Argentina

Argentina's health Minister admits to lying over number of clandestine abortions. Read further by clicking here.

Sydney, Redfern parishioners want to reconcile with parish priest
A dispute has broken out between a Parish Priest and indigenous Australians over how Mass is conducted. Cardinal Pell has been requested to intercede. Read further by clicking here.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Catholic News & Current Events-9/1/2006

Background: mysterious image of the Holy Face

Pope Benedict XVI has visited the miraculous image of the Holy Face at Manoppello, Italy. Read further by clicking here.


Church endures economic persecution as the Patriotic Association tries to seize Church property

The athiestic Chinese government continues to persecute their Christian community by seizing Catholic Church property. Read further by clicking here.


British cardinal urges Muslim respect for religious freedom
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has stated that Muslims need to respect Christianity with equal respect as has been afforded them. Read further by clicking here.


Glasgow archbishop defends firefighters in gay-rights dispute
Archbishop Mario Conti has defended the rights of firefighters who refused to attend and hand out leaflets at a gay pride march. Read further by clicking here.


Two cases of alleged miracles claim intercession of Archbishop Sheen
Two alleged miracles are now being investigated by the Vatican in the Cause for the Beatification of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Read further by clicking here.


All faith-prayer meet on the anniverary of Mother Teresa's birthday
The Sisters of Charity in India led an all faith prayer day in honour of Mother Teresa's birthday, she would have been 96 years old. Read further by clicking here.


Vietnamese government grants permit for Marian shrine
Marian shrine to be built around a miracle statue of Our Lady of Fatima where claims of healing have taken place. Read further by clicking here.



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